The Connected Trendsetters.

Travel is a top hobby for these digitally savvy individuals; as experience-led consumers they like to travel the world to discover new cultures. These trendsetting travellers are both followers and generators of online content and like to share their travel stories via social media.


Like to come back from holiday having learnt something new.


consider themselves to be amongst the first to buy new tech.


take an average of 3 or more weekend breaks in the UK each year.

+41% more likely

To driven to purchase a product in the airport because it’s local to the place they’re in

What they do.

Connected Trendsetters are supporters of the ‘experience economy’, sharing the best of their holidays abroad on social media. Their array of followers allows for a multiplier effect when they recommend products online.


Use social networking to make plans for their trip.


Share their opinions of a product because they think other consumers will value their input.


Seek out exclusive items when shopping.

+64% more likely

to purchase WDF exclusive products than the national average.

How advertising affects them.

As they are travelling for leisure, Connected Trendsetters feel excitement and a sense of anticipation when they arrive at the airport. This means that they consider brands at the airport to be unique and catered for travel.


Have previously been driven to store by “interesting advertising”


Make their final purchase decision in-store, highlighting how purchases are open to influence by Airport OOH.


After seeing an OOH ad, they’re most likely to talk to friends/family about the advertised brand, with 17% having previously gone on to do so.

+33% more likely

to have previously posted/shared content about a brand on social media sites after viewing an OOH ad