The Global C-Suite Executives.

Highly influential individuals at the peak of their careers, these travellers often fly on a monthly basis for business or leisure. Placing a high value on the importance of face to face meetings, they believe travel is key to business success.


1 in 3 Global C-Suite passengers have an personal net worth of over £500,000


Have major control over a budget, averaging £602,938


Fly at least once a month for business

What they do.

Business being at the forefront of their minds, C-Suite executives spend most of their time working in the airport business lounge. Nevertheless, they make sure they have enough time to shop at the airport, highlighting how they mix business with pleasure.


Of Global C-Suites make sure they have time to shop at the airport


Work in the business lounge


Pay attention to their surroundings

How advertising affects them.

They believe airport advertising helps brands be seen as trustworthy, global and credible. They therefore consider airports as the most effective environment to advertise B2B brands.


Have previously been driven to make a purchase after seeing business related advertising in the airport


See brands advertising in the airport as being ‘prestigious’


Are ‘receptive to business messaging whilst travelling’

82% Agree

That Airports are an effective place for business brands to reach people like me