The Global Jet Setters.

These affluent travellers love to take advantage of the incomparable luxury shopping opportunities available at the airport, believing it is worth paying extra for high quality goods. Airports are the ultimate luxury environment and shopping whilst at the airport is considered a crucial component for these individuals, who dedicate a large proportion of their trip to indulging themselves


Fly more than 4 times internationally per year.


Of Heathrow’s Global Travellers own one or more items of jewellery (incl. watches) worth over £5,000.


The airport is their preferred shopping environment, with 74% taking the opportunity to shop whilst travelling abroad.

Twice as likely

To make a watch/jewellery purchase in the airport than the average global passenger.

What they do.

Shopping at the airport is key to the Global Jet Setters experience. They plan ahead and arrive early, allowing themselves time to browse and shop in this unique environment brimming with the world’s most prestigious brands.


Spend their time browsing for either watches, jewellery or fine food during their downtime in the departure lounge.


Of all Global Jet Setters who browse Fashion products in airport stores go on to make a purchase.


Only 12% of luxury shoppers have made up their mind about what they’re going to buy whilst travelling – the remainder are open to influence at the point-of-sale.

+82% more likely

To make a fine food purchase in the airport than the average global passenger.

How advertising affects them.

As they travel primarily for leisure, Global Jet Setters are predominantly shopping at the airport from B2C brands. They consider that airport adverts establish a brand as stylish, international and personal.


say that ads help them decide on what to buy.


of Global Jet Setters expect to see luxury advertising brands advertised at the airport.


of influential consumers believe it’s worth paying extra for goods promoted as being ‘premium’ – an association commonly held by those exposed to a brand in the airport environment.