The Millennial Business Elite.

They are well-connected, well-travelled digital natives who hold distinctly global views. As the business leaders of the future, millennial business elite are key influencers within their companies and travel the world for business often on a monthly basis.


Of JCDA Business Travellers are aged 18-34.


Extend a business trip into a leisure trip, to make the most of their destination


Take 4 or more international flights each year

Twice as likely

To be senior managers than the national representative – the C-Suites of the future

70% more likely

To book luxury accommodation when possible.

What they do

They are quickly ascending the ranks of their respective companies and can be considered ‘millennial business elites’. Like Global C-Suite Executives, they too travel for business on a monthly basis, but are more likely to extend their trips for leisure.


Make time to relax in the business lounge.


Have a sit down meal in a restaurant, enjoying the ‘oasis of calm’ that the departure lounge provides.


Agree “I enjoyed treating myself on my last trip” .

+57% more likely

To go shopping, with a high conversion rate – 2 in every 3 passengers who browse for alcohol go on to make an alcohol purchase

Twice as much

On average, Millennial Business Elites spend twice as much on their trips than other global travellers

How advertising affects them

They are redefining the luxury industry, splashing out less on material goods and more on experiences, such as expensive food. As they are traveling primarily for work, they are also on the lookout for B2B advertisers. Due to this, they regard airport advertisers as both luxurious and professional.


Have previously spent time in airport stores searching for a product they’d seen advertised at the airport.


of JCDA Millennials have researched a holiday destination as a result of seeing an airport ad


Have been inspired to visit a specific store by airport advertising