The Tech Pioneers.

The epitome of the constantly connected traveller, Tech Pioneers immerse themselves in the latest technology and are the experts that their peers turn to for advice on new products and devices. As one of the most technologically advanced environments in the world, the airport is the perfect place to reach and influence these tech savvy early adopters


Give advice to their peers when they are looking to purchase new tech.


Pride themselves on having the best/most recent tech available.


See personal tech as a fashion statement.

Worth +56% more

JCDA Tech Pioneers’ personal tech collection is worth +56% more than average airport passenger

What they do.

These high-tech entrepreneurs enjoy being surrounded by exciting gadgets and will recommend those they like to friends and family. They often spend airport waiting times on a smartphone, potentially downloading content to watch on-flight.


watch movies/tv shows when they fly.


They also use their tech to help with their travel. 62% display their boarding pass on a handheld device.


Who browse for electronics in departures make a purchase

2.4x more likely

To make a tech purchase in the airport vs the global average These are all looking specifically at JCDA Tech Pioneers

89% more likely

+89% more likely to download tv/films at the airport vs average airport passengers

How advertising affects them.

Technology pioneers will be likely to look up brands online after seeing eye-catching adverts. They expect to see the latest products on sale in airports, as they are some of the world’s most digitised environments. They are especially appealed by interactive displays.


Spent time looking for a product they saw advertised at the airport on their last trip


agree that “advertising helps me choose what to buy”


fly multiple times a year, building repetition and exposure to long term ads

+92% more likely

to have previously posted/shared content about a brand on social media sites after viewing an OOH ad

5.1x more likely

To find airport advertising the most attention grabbing of all OOH, compared to the national avg.